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Monday, July 21, 2003
Music is Medicine for the Heart and Soul

Don't Lose Heart

by: Dan Fogelberg

This life is heartless and it's rarely just
Full of sad betrayals and misplaced trust
And it can suck your spirit as dry as the dust
and steal your soul if you let it.
Oh, every life contains it's sorrow and pains
It's stormy weather and it's rough terrains
You watch me wrestle with my length of chain
And smile so bravely as you tell me.

Don't lose heart,
Don't lose heart,
Though it feels like yours will fall apart
Just remember when the road gets dark
I will always be beside you.

I've spent my life pursuing fortune and fame
Chasing rainbows in a shadow game
And I'm not sure what I've lost is worth the gain
Or why my soul remains so restless.

You've seen me stumble, Lord, you've seen me fall.
You've shared my triumphs and you've seen me crawl..
And when I think that I could lose it all
You give me courage and you tell me.

Don't lose heart,
Don't lose heart
Though it feels like yours will fall apart
Just remember when the road gets dark,
I will always be beside you....

Sunday, July 06, 2003
Willie Nelson's 4th of July 30th anniversary Picnic and Music Fest

I have lived in Austin and near for over 30yrs and never attended one.... this year I went.
Okay I am older and it is not Woodstock, but hea, maybe it could be for me.

I arrived the first day and only saw the "Dead" and Joan Osbourne playing together...
Okay, that is a Woodstock moment in time...

I got there early the next day because of the venue of musical artists...

I was in the best place, front row in the middle... I enjoyed Willie all day coming in and jamming with every band. That man is a beautiful inside artist and I admire his heartmusic, even if it is

I wanted to be front row and in the middle for
Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin and NEIL YOUNG AND CRAZY HORSE...


Patty Griffin is totally amazing as well as Shawn Colvin. There are both grammy nominated artists, with Shawn Colvin being an award winner.

Patty Griffin , her sound was tranquil and so
unique. I connect to her song called "Rain"...

Shawn Colvin came out with a solo acoustic set. She is a grammy award winning songwriter and performer from Austin as well as Patty Griffin being from Austin as well...(transplants from
other places but now from Austin)
Shawn was actually nervous about playing...and she is so gifted in the heart music genre...

Well they both shined!!!

Neil Young and Crazy Horse were awesome to me. All the way from the Buffalo Springfield to
Crosby, Stills and me...
The last song was "Rocking in the Free World" Willie Nelson came out and joined them...
At the last of the 20 minute jam fest...a Native American Indian came out on stage dressed in his ceremonial feathered outfit. In each hand he held staffs. One had the head of an eagle or a
hawk... He and Neil Young danced together as Neil played his amazing guitar licks from his

I got up the next day...tired but I was going to my home church, Promiseland of Austin
I got there late, but my dear friend Randy Phillips preached a message on freedom. Jesus freed us. We are freed spirits....We can choose eternity with Him if we choose...We are free, free indeed...He paid the price with His life. That just reminded me of the Indian Dance of

Well as you can see I have had a very full weekend.
I hope your weekend was as full as mine, if not that is why am I sharing with you now, because "My Cup Runneth Over"...


Nancy g


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