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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some more pics of pups from my litter. Those are two females. scroll down for more pics of the litter, the dad, the mom, the sister of the mom and the pick of the litter from three years ago...He is a male and his name is Air Bud.

Thursday, June 26, 2008
*Above pic is the sister of the litter, AKC Sadi Texas Girl, scroll down for more pics of pups and the sire of the litter, the sister to Sadi and the pic of the three yr. old son out of the sire, pic of the litter too.

Golden Retriever Pups AKC, proven bloodline, parents on site, first shots and wormed, vet checked.

Born Dec. 26th 2008, $400 cash. 830-534-7405

One of the lovely pups!

One of them watching the Dog Whisperer on TV

Another lovely pup!

And another one!

*For previous litter pics and pics of the sire, etc. scroll down the the next blog.

Pics of the pups, the mom and the dad.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Welcome to my interent blog at my music and poetry website! Below are pics of some of my darling pups and adult dogs.
One of the lighter males
Darker male

One of the lighter females


AKC, shots and are wormed. PROVEN BLOODLINE. Parents on site.


These pups are very healthy. Most are light in color. They are also weaned from the mother and are on pup chow and water. One thing that is important to know is the puppies ear color should be the final color of it as an adult dog.

One has a stick and the other has the tail!

This is Ali Texas Girl and she is the mother of the litter I have advertised in newspapers and online 2009.

Sire of litter, 8 yrs old. COBY, has sired over 150 pups since we have had him. There are no bad medical genetics in his proven bloodline. He also has been DNA certified thru AKC.

Son of the sire, a male 3 years old ,.Isn't he the perfect Golden male, a nature bird dog without any training.
Nancy G. Brundrett
Kenedy, Texas which is 60 miles south of SA on hw 181. 80 miles from Corpus and 60 miles from Victoria.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008
Many years ago
you and me at that Pink Floyd show
Blue eyes and a fine black hat
Comfortably numb we sat
With time and money and a whole lot of
wish you were here
I was just a crazy diamond
you once wore in your eye
Now us, us and them
in my head still spinning 'round
I see the delicate light
and I hear the thunder sound
To me you were always
one of the golden ones
shining bright like a
million morning suns
Sail away to the dark side of the moon
one more time
Fly above with the spirit of the
rhythm and the rhyme
Don't ever let a wall
separate or keep us apart
Your songs still remain forever
in my heart
With time and money and a whole lot of
wish you were here
I was just a crazy diamond
you once wore in your ear

Monday, January 29, 2007
Spring Up In Me Oh Deep Well Of My Salvation

By: Nancy G. Brundrett

Spring up in me oh deep well of my salvation
Longing for your healing waters to flow
To all dry and thirsty souls
I know your name is written in my heart forever
Give me a new song to sing
Let my meditations be pleasing to you
Oh deep waters run through me

Spring up in me oh deep well of my salvation
I long to taste of your pure and clean waters again
A thirsty vessel soaking up your rivers
Lift me up when I feel despair
Show me the luscious mountain tops of your glory
May the Rock of Ages always cling to me
Oh deep waters run through me

Spring up in me oh deep well of my salvation
Pour your everlasting love down
For you are the Lover of my soul for eternity
Renew your spirit in my soul once again
Oh Rose of Sharon your fragrance is forever beautiful
Take me back to the first time you called my name
Oh deep waters run through me

Spring up in me oh deep well of my salvation
Hold me once more like your child I am
Please search my heart and soul
Wash and cleanse me again
So my steps will be pleasing to you
I long to feel your anointing in my soul
Oh deep waters run through me

Spring up in me oh deep well of my salvation
Guide my steps on this narrow road
Teach me to climb and not fall
Light my path and let your oil fill my lamp
Here I am giving you my all
Knowing I am weak, but remembering you are strong
Oh deep waters run through me

Spring up in me oh deep well of my salvation
Let your blood flow over me in everlasting forgiveness
Put a new radiant smile on my face
Take me to heights I have never sojourned
Show me your glory from sunrise to sunset
Because of you I am forever free
Oh deep waters run through me

Spring up in me oh deep well of my salvation
May you sense my grateful heart
Melt away all fear and decay
Take my hand and help me run this human race
As I stand in awe in your garden
I am refreshed and new once more
Oh deep waters run through me

Spring up in me oh deep well of my salvation
Let my life be a living testimony of your undying love
Worthy are you Lamb, slain for all humanity
My soul sings a new song of hope and joy
Now that my thirst has been quenched
May your waters flow out of me to others
Oh deep waters run through me

Spring up in me oh deep well of my salvation
May your light always guide my way
I have tasted of your everlasting water and it is good
Loose these shackles evermore
Let me raise my hands in praise and surrender, Oh holy God
Wash away all of the world that in on me
Oh deep water run through me

Spring up in me oh deep well of my salvation
Living waters, my strength, my protection
Bright morning star, Savior and Abba, Father
Eternal flame always fuel my lamp
I trust you with my deep inner thoughts
Within my soul you turn my desert into an oasis
Oh deep waters run through me

Spring up in me oh deep well of my salvation
You are bigger than life and full of glory
Oh Jesus, Master to all, you are my everything
A safe haven from all the storms life may bring my way
Let me hear your trumpet sound in a twinkling of an eye
Quicken me as in the rapture to you I will fly
Oh deep waters run through me

Tuesday, January 02, 2007
2007 New Year's Resolutions:

1. Start each day with God. Don't begin a single day without God.

2. Avoid Gossip! Not in tearing and destroying, but in building up those around us.
Proverbs 26:20

3. Be a witness and missionary for Jesus! Acts 1:8, have the power of God in your soul.
Act 8, the ministries of the saints.

4. Study the word of God

5. Keep Growing, strive for it. It's a continuing process. Isaiah 54:1
Grow Spiritually and mentally and physically. We are going to need strength. You can't live in the past it will never be used as a pattern for your life or future.


7. Remember that prayer is a priviledge not a task! Psalms 63:30 Seek God early because
none of us can make it without prayer

* Renew these resolutions every day.

As always and forever in His Grip!


Sunday, December 17, 2006
Copper Spur Ranch

3748 Old Goliad Rd
Goliad, Texas

If you like dangerous snakes then you will love the Copper Spur Ranch in Goliad, Tx. I lived there and owned it for about nine years. I was told by the man who first owned the property that where the beautiful house was built was on a mound full of rattlesnakes. Yes, folks would come to the Copper Spur Ranch to harvest rattlesnakes for round ups. My neighbor told me rattlesnakes were always coming into his house and in his yard. Another neighbor has so many rattlesnakes around his house he will not let his little girl play outside without a watchful eye. Some snakes have bitten his dogs and cattle and they died.

The largest rattlesnake we killed there had 12 rattles and was 6 ft long! The smallest and even more dangerous snakes found at the Copper Spur Ranch were Coral snakes.

I remember "twice" stepping out of the house in the front courtyard area where a pretty fountain was. I was barefoot both times and almost stepped on a rattlesnake on two different times. I came within inches of being bitten. I remember hearing the noise of a rattler and then God saved me both times from being bitten.

That place is a haven for snakes. I remember the Blue Indigo snakes that lived in the backyard in the BBQ pit area. They were pretty, but pretty scary snakes.

I remember my son standing by the swimming pool in the backyard with his legs apart and seeing a cottonmouth poisonous snake slither through his legs on the way to the swimming pool. Our cattle were bitten by snakes too. Of course the bite always killed them.

Even though the Copper Spur Ranch had three ponds, we stayed away from them because of the Water Macassins that were around the banks of the water. My husband would go down to the ponds or tanks and shoot the poisonous snakes to keep their population down. We did not want any of our cattle to be bitten as they would go to water to drink. We did lose a lot of livestock from snake bites.

A dangerous problem too was there were always lots of snunks around the house and in the yard. I always feared because they carry rabbies. One day I was walking around the house and killed 20 Black Widow spiders. Each day and night I was fearful about snakes, skunks and Black Widow spiders. Brown Recluse spiders are also there and they are even more deadly than the Black Widow spiders.

The main reason for there being so many snakes is because of the sandy soil that is in the Goliad area. We are ranchers and trying to utilize sany soil for livestock is not so great. In comparison to the more fertile land of Kenedy, which is 30 miles away, we can run 60 to 80 head of cattle very well at our ranch in Kenedy, which has 20 less acres. At the Copper Spur Ranch we could only run about 20-25 head of cattle properly. That is important when thinking about buying hay and suppliment grain for the livestock in times of winter and in draughts. In times of draughts and winter good round bales could cost as much as $100 dollars each or more.

Another menacing thing about the big house was the plumbing was so screwed up. If you take a shower you will be blasted with cold water and then hot water. The plumbing in the kitchen was a joke. It was always backing up. This was all caused by the crumby way they plumbed the house.

I always worried that when the second story was added on that the weight was too much for the foundation. In the living room, dining room, small dining room area there were many large cracks in the ceiling. I suppose the weight of the upper story is the reason. I was told to water around the whole concrete foundation of the house to prevent problems with the original foundation that was only layed down for a single story house. The weight of the tile on the roof is also a factor to consider why the foundation may be messed up. I wish we had had a building inspector inspect the structure.

Another thing I don't miss are the high taxes on the ranch and the extremely high electric bills. I also did not like the idea that the gravel road was an easement to property behind the ranch and hunters were always going up and down the road taking away from our privacy and also there was a risk of stray bullets from all the hunters. We did have one cow that we believed was shot from a stray bullet and our neighobor's pet was shot in the yard of the forman's house that is just right behind the big house. The problem was it was impossible to prove who shot a gun and where it came from. Deer rifles can shoot a long way as well as a 22 bullet can travel a long distance.

There were so many other problems and headaches when we lived there almost too many to list. I am glad I live somewhere else now, somewhere else that is more affordable and safer for me and my family.

Just thought I would warn anyone about some of the many problems with poisonous snakes, spiders and snunks at the ranch and the very bad plumbing in the big house.

I once thought I lived in a mansion and now I know that it only looked like one from the outside.

I would suggest anyone wanting to live there should consider looking for a place without a high population of poisonous snakes. I would suggest making an investment in some land somewhere else and then building a custom built house that would fit the needs of a family. By building a person can have just what they want and also have a more energy efficient home. Look for a Godly place somewhere else where there are less problems. Many new folks are moving into the Karnes county area because it is more affordable and the land is better suited for livestock if you want a ranch. I actually think the Boerne area is a better place to live, but is too is an expensive area, but I haven't seen any snakes there and I can feel the spirit of God in the hill country of Texas.


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